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Decoder Class Reference

#include <decoder.h>

Inheritance diagram for Decoder:

HuffmanDecoder RleDecoder XorDecoder

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Detailed Description

Volker Christian

Definition at line 31 of file decoder.h.

Public Member Functions

bool chainDecode (unsigned char *rawData, size_t chainEncSize)
size_t chainRead (int s)
virtual void cleanUp ()
virtual bool decode (unsigned char *rawData, size_t rawSize, unsigned char *encData, size_t encSize)
 Decoder (Decoder *chain)
bool readData (int s, size_t encSize)

Protected Member Functions

void cleanUpRawData ()

Protected Attributes

unsigned char * encData
size_t encSize
unsigned char * rawData
size_t rawSize

Private Member Functions

void chainCleanUp ()
bool chainReadSize (int s)
bool readSize (int s)

Private Attributes


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