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CeScreen Class Reference

#include <cescreen.h>

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Detailed Description

Volker Christian

Definition at line 55 of file cescreen.h.

Public Slots

virtual void filePrint ()
virtual void fileSave ()
virtual void showAboutApplication ()


void pdaError ()
void pdaSize (int, int)
void printContent ()
void saveContent ()

Public Member Functions

 CeScreen (KAboutApplication *aboutApplication)
bool connectPda (QString pdaName, bool isSynCeDevice=true, bool forceInstall=false)

Private Slots

void closeSocket (KSocket *socket)
void keyPressed (int ascii, int code)
void keyReleased (int ascii, int code)
void mouseMoved (ButtonState button, int x, int y)
void mousePressed (ButtonState button, int x, int y)
void mouseReleased (ButtonState button, int x, int y)
void readSocket (KSocket *socket)
void resizeWindow ()
void updatePause ()
void wheelRolled (int delta)

Private Member Functions

QString getDeviceIp (QString pdaAddress)
bool readBmpHeader (KSocket *socket)
bool readEncodedImage (KSocket *socket)
bool readSizeMessage (KSocket *socket)
void sendKeyEvent (unsigned long int code, unsigned long int cmd)
void sendMouseEvent (unsigned long int button, unsigned long int cmd, unsigned long int x, unsigned long int y)
unsigned long toKeySym (int ascii, int code)

Private Attributes

KAboutApplication * aboutApplication
unsigned char * bmpData
uint32_t bmpSize
KPopupMenu * filemenu
uint32_t headerSize
uint32_t height
bool pause
int pauseItem
KSocket * pdaSocket
KToolBar * tb
uint32_t width

Static Private Attributes

static struct CeScreen::_keymap keymap []


struct  _keymap

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